Eudravet tries to find pragmatic solutions to problems with the authorisation of veterinary medicinal products in the European Union.

European rules are complex, because they are based on a hybrid between Community rules and national rules of the Member States.

The authorisation procedures in the EU are complex as well. Not only central (EU wide) authorisations can be obtained; also the national authorisations in the Member States are coordinated via a mutual recognition system that harmonises these national authorisations, which have to be based on similar, but not identical legislation.

The philosophy behind eudravet is that the procedures in force should not hinder the authorisation of veterinary medicinal products that have been shown to be safe and efficacious. 

To foster this philosophy, the website eudravet has been opened. On this website you can gain straight access to the European documents that are relevant to veterinary medicinal products, and you can obtain professional advice on how to apply the rules.

This professional advice is given with a veterinary background and builds on professional experience gained within multinational industry, CVMP, university, and a national authority.

The advice given is on a personal basis and confidentiality is guaranteed.

Eudravet has no affiliations with any pharmaceutical industry or trade organisation










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